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Theodore Roosevelt Accomplishments
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15 Amazing Accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt

April 20, 2017

Accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt I’ve always been fascinated with Theodore Roosevelt. I suppose that’s because history records him as fearless. He’s credited with wearing many hats, such as soldier, outdoorsman, father and statesman. Beyond the […]

canoe camping trip
Guy Skills

How to Plan for a Canoe Camping Trip

April 18, 2017

Canoe Camping Trip Essentials If you’ve ever dreamed of gliding down a forest-lined stream for days on end with no agenda beyond the nightly ritual of setting camp and whipping up a hearty meal, it’s […]

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wrong relationship
Men's Blog

7 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

May 27, 2016

Wrong Relationship Signs Believers in karmic love often say things like: “Just be patient and hang in there – you’ll know when the right one comes along.” Perhaps these folks are right. After all, maybe […]

Workout Tips

progressive overload

Progressive Overload and Body Building

February 16, 2015

What is Progressive Overload? A frequent question for people who are new to bodybuilding is: what is progressive overload? It is a perfectly natural question when you think about it because this term is used […]

get rid of belly fat

Get Rid of Belly Fat: 5 Mindful Tips!

January 1, 2015

Get Rid of Belly Fat Through Mindfulness If you are hoping to find ways to get rid of belly fat naturally, you aren’t alone. Most people who struggle with belly fat around the midsection are […]


how to shave your butt for men
Grooming & Dress

How to Shave Your Buttocks the Right Way for Men

June 14, 2015

How Do I Shave My Buttocks? Having hair on your buttocks – including the area around the anus is normal. If you believe in evolutionary science, you already know that millions of years ago, we […]