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As a Chicago counselor, therapist & Life Coach in Lakeview that works with men, I totally get it – reaching out for support isn’t the easiest thing. But there are moments when we’re feeling so stressed, anxious, worried and discouraged that it all becomes too much. Trust me, I recognize how difficult that can be because I’ve had to do this myself. 

When left unchecked, these feelings begin to grow and become compounded. Worry, frustration, emotional depletion – they can all be part of the dynamic. If there was just someway to stop the cycle of stress – a bridge to change that offers something new?

Well – there just might be.  

As a healer, I’ve helped hundreds of men – gay and straight – work through just about every life challenge imaginable with positive results. And so if you are facing problems with anxiety, stress, career, body image issues or, goal attainment, I get it! What’s more, I’d like to help you build a bridge to change.

Gaining guidance from a male counselor & coach who understands what it’s like to work for a living can be the ideal venue to solve problems. You see I wasn’t always a therapist – I used to work in the business world – perhaps just like you. I know how difficult it is to reach out for support because let’s face it – opening up can be intimidating.

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If you’re troubled with any of the problems & issues below, there is very real hope!

  • Anxiety or stress: You feel anxious, wound up and downright irritable much of the time.
  • Self-doubt: You have doubts about yourself, your relationships, or your career. You’re confused what you want and what will make you happy.
  • Struggles with relaxation and sleep: You feel like a hamster on a wheel and can’t seem to slow down. Your mind is constantly turning, you’re either stressing about what may go wrong or thinking about your next move.
  • You wonder if you should be doing more: even though you fee your life is already stretched: You don’t feel good enough. You aim for perfection but never seem to achieve it. You play a constant negative self-talk in your head.
  • Your relationships don’t feel fulfilling. It doesn’t feel like you are getting what you need. You wonder if you will ever be able to have a satisfying intimate relationship, or the one you are in doesn’t seem to be going well.
  • Signs and symptoms of panic: You may have difficulty breathing, have a rapid heartbeat, or break out in nervous, cold sweats.
  • You feel stuck in the same old rut. You know change needs to happen, but you can’t seem to make it a reality.
  • Your career feels stuck in the mud: You want to move into a new career direction but you are not sure how
  • You recognize your relationship with alcohol isn’t healthy. At times, you drink as a way of “fitting in” or emotionally lubricating.

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Counseling & Coaching for Men: Issues That Matter

The challenges many men face are often not addressed by many in the helping professions. We’re talking about life issues that run the gambit from career challenges to marriage problems, to intimacy issues to relationships to addiction.

Some guys have problems with cheating and infidelity. Other men are trying to work through a dynamic where their wife, girlfriend or significant other has cheated. For all of these reasons, Guy Counseling exists. 

Gay Men, Straight Guys & Bi Men Welcome

What’s more – Guy Counseling welcomes everyone, regardless if you identify as straight, gay or bi. The issues addressed and life challenges explored on this site are applicable to all guys, regardless of their sexual orientation. While some website destinations may tip toe around these type of issues – rest assured that is not the case at Guy Counseling. 

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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

My primary approach to counseling is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This approach is very much concerned with the “here and now” and helps to shift unhealthy, unproductive thinking. Homework is often given so that the skills you learn in counseling can be applied to “real life”. 

Sports Counseling Chicago

Part of the counseling services I offer are aimed at sports players and athletes, including body builders. I can help you to create awareness around barriers that may be blocking you from reaching your peak performance.

Additionally, I can assist you with compulsive behaviors that may be contributing to over-training syndrome

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

As part of the services that I provide, I teach mindful solutions to anxiety reduction and stress management as part of mindfulness based living. Through guided imagery, meditation and creative visualization, I help you to achieve a calmer, more balanced life. 

These safe, natural psycho-spiritual approaches borrow from Jungian Psychology and are particularly helpful to men and women looking for ways to reduce stress, better manage pain and creating inner calm.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are also integrated into the work so that you can move past feelings of shame you may be struggling with. This solution focused, holistic, mindful approach to wellness helps with increasing self-esteem and reaching important life goals.

Guy Counseling Testimonial 

This service definitely helps everyone! Although it’s aimed towards us “guys”, it also caters to women. It is equally accepting of all diverse cultures and sexual orientations.

It’s hard to ask for help. Most of us feel that if we reach out, that means that we are incompetent of handling our own issues; that’s not true! Guy Counseling offers solutions for everything from career advice to body image issues. The more you trust in Guy Counseling, the further you can succeed!

Trust the Dr.! He knows what he’s talking about!

On this site, we explore several common and perhaps not so common struggles that men experience and provide possible solutions. I’m talking about everything from self-esteem to “guy psychology” to physical fitness and more.

We’ll talk about what it means to be a guy, modern definitions of masculinity and yes – sex.  Like mentioned, nothing is held back or filtered.

Career Coach

Executive, Career & Leadership Coaching 

Designed for individuals who are looking to reach life goals in the areas of career, relationships and wellness, Life Coaching services are available through Guy Counseling. Executive and Leadership coaching are specialties. 

This non-therapeutic and non- clinical form of guidance is best suited for men and women who are looking to make improvements in their life through structured goal setting and accountability. Career Coaching also falls under this area – click to learn more.

As part of my wellness coaching services, I offer coaching clients relaxation mindfulness based relaxation approaches, such as meditation – which are designed to help you learn you learn how to live in the here and now. Mindfulness can also be used as a tool to help you reach life goals. To learn more about life coaching, visit the Life Coaching FAQ page

I’m a Therapist for Men Chicago

If you are like a lot of folks, you have likely worked hard all your life to be successful and be the best person you can be. As a result, you may feel stressed out, down, and discouraged. You may wonder where things went so wrong? Rest assured, you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you’ve been running on autopilot for so long that you are just beginning to realize your happiness is taking a hit. You may be spending a lot of your time in a state of worry. You worry about your job, relationships or what’s going on at home. You worry about the future. You’re don’t feel at peace and it seems like your fears are controlling you. You may even experience symptoms of panic. 

Perhaps you are like many  people I have worked with – you’re super hard on yourself. Many others admire you for all that you have accomplished, but when you listen to them speak, you think to yourself, “If this person only knew the truth about me.”

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In counseling, we can work together to reduce your stress and anxiety.

I recognize that right now you might feel discouraged right now. That’s completely understandable if you’ve been dealing with these issues for a while.

And yet, there is hope for positive change. Counseling aimed at men has been successful at helping guys resolve all the above life challenges and more. It doesn’t matter how down you feel right now or how complicated your life seems. It can always get better.

Good News: Here are some benefits of life coaching & counseling for men…

  • Feel calmer. You can feel more at relaxed and be able to sleep better.
  • Change negative thinking. You can increase your feelings of self-esteem and build confidence. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Have more fulfilling relationships. You’ll have a deeper sense of the value you bring to your relationships and feel like your needs are getting met.
  • Feel more confident about who you are as a man and your unique capabilities.
  • Develop better coping skills so that you can better handle challenging life issues that come your way.
  • Know yourself on a deeper level and feel confident about the man you are now and who you want to be.
  • Feel more optimistic about your life and the future.

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Men find it hard to ask for help.

Like I mentioned previously, I know what it is like to be a guy and reach out for help. Let’s face it – as men – we have been taught to handle things on our own. But look at it this way. If you pulled a muscle at the gym, you’d seek out the help of a medical professional right away. That’s why I’m an advocate counseling for men to achieve better living.

Using this mindset, doesn’t it make sense to work with a therapist who understands guys issues when you are struggling to find happiness?

I’m a Chicago Counselor that wants to help.

No doubt about it – It takes real courage to enter therapy. There’s a good change you are completely fed up with how things have been going, which is why you are reading this page in the first place.

As a therapist with over 10 years experience, I can coach and guide you to make the changes so badly want. I’m very passionate about helping my clients to reach their life goals and live the lives they want to lead. That’s the best part of counseling – it has the power to change and transform.

If you are like most guys, you probably doubt therapy will help. That’s cool. But you will never know until you try. All that is necessary is that you take that first step.

Together with a counselor & life coach in Chicago, we’ll help you increase your self-esteem and work towards making changes that will help you to feel happier.

Now what’s wrong with that?