About John D. Moore
Dr. John Moore is a counselor and educator. He writes about topics that usually connect in some way to physical, emotional and spiritual health. Moore helps men and women focus on challenges that may be blocking them from reaching their full potential.

Free Weights vs Machines

May 10, 2014 John D. Moore

Do You like to Use Free Weights or Machines? A big time hot topic around my gym and among body building in general relates to the topic of free Weights vs machines. Guys that I know who lift […]

Cam Gigandet Ab Workout

May 10, 2014 John D. Moore

 Cam Gigandet Abs Workout  – With Diet One of the tightest abdominals you will ever set your eyes on comes from Tacoma, Washington born Cam Gigandet. The guy has a lot of fans, many who […]

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