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Theodore Roosevelt Accomplishments
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15 Amazing Accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt

April 20, 2017

Accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt I’ve always been fascinated with Theodore Roosevelt. I suppose that’s because history records him as fearless. He’s credited with wearing many hats, such as soldier, outdoorsman, father and statesman. Beyond the […]

canoe camping trip
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How to Plan for a Canoe Camping Trip

April 18, 2017

Canoe Camping Trip Essentials If you’ve ever dreamed of gliding down a forest-lined stream for days on end with no agenda beyond the nightly ritual of setting camp and whipping up a hearty meal, it’s […]

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chris evans workout captain america

Upper Body Workouts: Focus on the Chest

October 9, 2014

A Hard Upper Body Means Working Your Chest Most guys who hit the gym on a regular basis are interested in learning about effective upper body workouts. This is true of body builders and for […]

body building myths

Fact of Fiction: 5 Common Body Building Myths

October 25, 2015

5 Common Body Building Myths  If I stop working out, all the muscle I built will turn into fat, right? In order to pack on muscle, you have to take massive amounts of protein, correct? […]